Country Number Subject Issue date OJEU notice Design Photo
Austria, Ireland, Netherlands0
Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Monaco, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain1
Andorra, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, San Marino, Vatican City2
Andorra 1 Not known Not known Not found
Andorra 2 Not known Not known Not found
Belgium 1 200th anniversary of the University of Liege 21 April Not found
Belgium 2 200th anniversary of Ghent University Not known Not found
Cyprus 1 Paphos as European City of Culture 2017 Not known Not found
Estonia 1 Estonia's road to independence 26 June Not found
Finland 1 100th anniversary of founding of Finland 1 June OJEU Not found
Finland 2 Finnish nature October Not found
France 1 100th anniversary of death of Auguste Rodin 21 February OJEU Not found
France 2 Research on breast cancer September Not found
Germany 1 Porta Nigra in Trier to represent Rhineland-Palatinate 3 February OJEU Not found
Greece 1 60th anniversary of death of Nikos Kazantzakis 13 July Not found
Greece 2 Archaeological site of Philippi Not known OJEU Not found
Italy 1 400th anniversary of St Mark's Basilica 21 June OJEU Not found
Italy 2 2000th anniversary of death of Livy April OJEU Not found
Latvia 1 The Courland region Not known OJEU Not found
Latvia 2 The Latgale region Not known OJEU Not found
Lithuania 1 Vilnius city of culture Not known Not found
Luxembourg 1 50th anniversary of Luxembourg army 9 February OJEU Not found
Luxembourg 2 200th anniversary of birth of Grand Duke William III October Not found
Malta 1 The prehistoric site of Hagar Qim 27 June OJEU Not found
Malta 2 Children in solidarity: peace Not known Not found
Monaco 1 200th anniversary of the Prince's Carabiniers Not known Not found
Portugal 1 150th anniversary of Portuguese police 13 July Not found
Portugal 2 150th anniversary of birth of Raul Brandão 24 October Not found
San Marino 1 750th anniversary of birth of Giotto 30 March Not found
San Marino 2 International year of sustainable tourism Not known Not found
Slovakia 1 550th anniversary of Academia Istropolitana 4 January OJEU Not found
Slovenia 1 10th anniversary of euro in Slovenia 2 February OJEU Not found
Spain 1 The church of Santa Maria del Naranco 3 February OJEU Not found
Vatican City 1 1950th anniversary of deaths of St Paul and St Peter 1 June OJEU Not found
Vatican City 2 100th anniversary of the visions of Fatima 1 June OJEU Not found