Country Number Subject Issue date OJEU notice Design Photo
Cyprus, Ireland, Netherlands0
Austria, Monaco, Slovakia, Slovenia1
Andorra, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Vatican City2
Andorra 1 25th anniversary of Andorran constitution 12 April Not found
Andorra 2 75th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights Not known Not found
Austria 1 100th anniversary of founding of German Austria 2 January OJEU Not found
Belgium 1 50th anniversary of civil protests 14 May Not found
Belgium 2 50th anniversary of ESRO-2B satellite Not known Not found
Estonia 1 100 years of independence (joint coin) 31 January OJEU Not found
Estonia 2 100 years of independence (own coin) 19 February OJEU Not found
Finland 1 Finnish nature 28 May Not found
Finland 2 The culture of the Finnish sauna October OJEU Not found
France 1 Centenary of end of World War I 21 February OJEU Not found
France 2 90th anniversary of birth of Simone Veil 16 June Not found
Germany 1 Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin 30 January Not found
Germany 2 10th anniversary of birth of Helmut Schmidt 30 January OJEU Not found
Greece 1 75th anniversary of death of Kostis Palamas Not known Not found
Greece 2 70th anniversary of union of Dodecanese Islands with Greece Not known Not found
Italy 1 70th anniversary of Italian constitution 2 January OJEU Not found
Italy 2 60th anniversary of Ministry of Health Not known Not found
Latvia 1 100th anniversary of independence (joint coin) 31 January OJEU Not found
Latvia 2 The Semigallia region Not known OJEU Not found
Lithuania 1 100th anniversary of independence (joint coin) 31 January OJEU Not found
Lithuania 2 Centenary song celebration 26 June Not found
Luxembourg 1 150th anniversary of Luxembourg constitution 25 January OJEU Not found
Luxembourg 2 175th anniversary of death of Grand Duke William I 27 August OJEU Not found
Malta 1 The prehistoric site of Mnajdra 20 July Not found
Malta 2 Cultural heritage Not known Not found
Monaco 1 250th anniversary of birth of Francois-Joseph Bosio 25 June Not found
Portugal 1 250th anniversary of foundation of the Portuguese Mint 22 May OJEU Not found
Portugal 2 250th anniversary of Ajuda botanical garden 25 July OJEU Not found
San Marino 1 500th anniversary of birth of Tintoretto 5 April OJEU Not found
San Marino 2 420th anniversary of birth of Bernini Not known Not found
Slovakia 1 25th anniversary of foundation of Slovakia 3 January OJEU Not found
Slovenia 1 World bees day 14 May Not found
Spain 1 Old town of Santiago de Compostela 30 January OJEU Not found
Spain 1 50th birthday of King Felipe VI 30 January OJEU Not found
Vatican City 2 European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 31 May Not found
Vatican City 1 50th anniversary of death of Padre Pio Not known Not found