Description Status
2 euro overviewSite with great photos of 2 euro coinsActive
Coinz.euSite with great photos of coinsNot updated since 2013
Collect2eurosSite focusing on 2 euro coinsInactive
Erik's coin collectionCollector siteFairly active
Euro Coin CollectorCollector siteActive
Euro-coins.tvCurrent market values of euro coins and sets - uses photos from this site!Active
EurocollezioneCoin and coin set information and picturesActive
Eurocollezione archiveList of latest coin issuesActive
EuromünzenGerman euro coin forumActive
EuroswapperFairly active swap and news siteActive
European Central BankOfficial euro coin websiteActive
My Euro HobbyForum with up to date news on coin issuesFairly active
NumistaVery comprehensive coin reference site with a new Euro pageActive
OJEUWhere €2 commemorative and other new coin designs are publishedActive
Show M€ Euro CoinsEuro coin facebook pageActive
World of CoinsEuro coins forumActive